Immigration As Meteorology: It's Like The Weather—Nothing You Can Do!
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Western elites, or some major subset of them, are in thrall to what can fairly be called the meteorological theory of mass Third World immigration.  It's like the weather — nothing you can do!
As many as four million men from Afghanistan could travel to Britain and other European nations along migrant routes if the West abandons the war-ravaged country, the Defence Secretary has warned.

Sir Michael Fallon admitted the UK and Nato cannot pull troops out of Afghanistan because the terrorist groups that existed there when soldiers deployed in 2001 remain and "still pose a threat."

As the Ministry of Defence considers sending more troops to the country, Sir Michael warned that if Afghanistan collapses, Europe "will feel the consequences, very directly." [Four million people could flee to Europe if Britain pulls out of Afghanistan, warns defence minister by Larisa Brown, Defence Correspondent; Daily Mail, February 19th 2017.]

Britain is an island nation, for crying out loud.  How difficult is it to just keep people out?

Perhaps the Brits should hire in some consultants from Japan.


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