Trump National: Hillary Denounces Bill's Golf Club as "A Case Study in Ripping Off the Little Guy"
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I’ve finally found somebody else interested in Trump National Golf Club – Westchester: namely, Hillary.

From, the candidate’s official campaign website:

Donald Trump has a history of cheating workers out of money. Just ask his golf clubhouse architect.

Jul 7, 2016 by Elizabeth Chan …

The Trump National Golf Club: a case study in ripping off the little guy


Hillary just released a video attacking the nefarious Trump National Golf Club in Westchester:

From Time:

How Hillary Clinton Is Hitting Donald Trump’s Business Record on Two Fronts

Sam Frizell @Sam_Frizell July 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton is attacking Donald Trump’s business record with both politics and policy.

On Thursday, the presumptive Democratic nominee unveiled a short video featuring an architect who says he was not paid in full by Trump after designing the clubhouse at the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, New York. …

The video the Clinton campaign released features architect Andrew Tesoro, who designed the Trump National Gold Club. The advertisement plays on the fact that the clubhouse was where Trump in June said that he would “be America’s champion;” meanwhile, Tesoro says in his testimony that the clubhouse is also where he was told he would not be paid in full for his services.

“Here he is in the very ballroom where I got bullied out of many thousands of dollars, making promises that are just like the promises that he made to me and didn’t keep,” Tesoro said.

But isn’t Hillary’s husband Bill a member at the evil Trump National Golf Club – Westchester?

This is all very clubby and confusing.

Maybe Hillary doesn’t believe Bill is actually a member of Trump National?

Perhaps she figures that when Bill says, “Okay, honey, I’m going to play golf at the Trump Club,” he’s really heading for a mistress’s apartment on the Upper East Side. But maybe Bill has actually been lying to her by telling her the truth and going to play golf instead?

Or is the Clinton-Trump race all just an elaborate prank hatched up in the 19th Hole at Trump National?

Or maybe Hillary’s run for the White House is just a desperate ploy to force her husband to quit Trump National and spend more time around the house?

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