Trump In NC Talks Wall, National Defense At The Border, Mexico Using THEIR Troops To Prevent Crossings
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Trump spoke yesterday in Fayetteville, North Carolina, because the Republican party needed him there. (You would not have seen Obama doing this for his party.) I've culled some stuff about immigration from the auto-transcript:

They've taken advantage of our country, like you, wouldn't believe—and I've been saying this for many years. I was saying this when I was a private citizen. They take our jobs, they make our product, they sell the product into our country with no tax.

No nothing. So we end up with closed factories, no jobs, no taxes, no nothing and these other countries gain as an example. Mexico, I must say: they've really helped us at the border. The Democrats will not do anything about these horrible, open loopholes, which would be so good. So we're doing it a different way and Mexico is now patrolling with twenty seven thousand troops.

They'd never had two troops to our border, and you saw the numbers today we're down approximately fifty seven percent, but our country could fix it so easy. If the Democrats would sit with me for 15 minutes, but they don't want to do that because they want to have open borders, they want to have drugs pouring into our country.

You have to have a wall and you have to stop it and when you look at what's happening with human trafficking and it's mostly women, they traffic in women and they pour through our borders. Well, every inch of wall that we put up is vital and we're putting up miles and miles—and we intend by next year, at the end of the year, to have anywhere between 400 and 500 miles of wall built, and this is serious wall.

This is the real deal—serious wall—[Trump is interrupted by chants of BUILD THE WALL! BUILD THE WALL!] and I want to thank our new Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper for the job he's done and he views it really as a national security threat, and you have to what can be much more threatening than people that want to pour across our borders and we have the worst laws, we have the weakest laws in the history of any country.

You can't do anything to stop them. You have a program, catch and release—you catch them, and then you have to release them and they're supposed to come back to court in the next three-four-five-six-years and nobody shows up and the Democrats don't want to fix it, so we're stopping them. So we don't even have to worry about court.

By the way, it's technically wrong that Mexico "never had two troops to our border" and this is the kind of thing that weird fact-checking nerds like to call a "Trump Lie." Allan Wall wrote The Border Is Already Militarized—On The Mexican Side! But that, of course, was to protect Mexico from the US. Apparently Mexico doesn't share the weird idea that it's wrong to allow the Army to protect the border. However, those troops never, never, never, attempted to stop illegals crossing the border, even though that's also a violation of Mexican law. See Mexican Illegals Breaking Mexican Law Too!

Furthermore, Mexico has a new National Guard patrolling their Southern Border:

Here's Trump's full speech on YouTube, should start playing at the quoted parts:

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