#TriggerWatch Day 1—UKIP Is Too Much For Terrified Leftists
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Nigel Farage of UKIP attended CPAC this year.  How someone can be afraid or outraged by such a person is beyond me.

The Face of Right Wing Terror

Devin Burqhart, who works for one or another of the rent seeking "watchdog" groups was also there.  He was not happy that the rather harmless Mr. Farage was permitted to speak.  Not one bit.

It's best to read these tweets in a tone of gradually increasing high pitched hysteria. He passes for hitting the standard insults (though he unconscionably neglected "racist"), but I'm told the judges are deducting points for not including references to "black bodies" or a picture of himself looking sad and holding a handwritten sign.

Ah, there it is.

"Tea Party-fication."  #BURN

I kind of liked "bringing the Islamophobia."  Oddly, I feel like I could say that one before going for a personal record in the gym.  Not sure why.

"Full-tilt islamophobia" not as good.  Also racist for not having a capital letter i.

I note in passing the Left's apparent terror at supposedly plausible threat of "Christian reconstructionism" as a real and immediate threat with their complete indifference to Sharia.

Amazing how wanting to stone gays to deaths is either retrograde evil or the height of progressivism depending on which Abrahamic faith you identify with.

Can anyone imagine talking to such a person?  If you turned even a conversation into a PC bingo drinking game, you'd be KO'd before he paused to take a breath.

Congrats Devin.  You're our #Triggered Champion for Day 1 of CPAC 2015.  Go cry yourself to sleep, I guess.

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