Flyer To Print Out For CPAC— Warned You!
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Neil Munro in the Daily Caller had a story yesterday headed "Obama: Immigration Will Reshape America’s Politics". Really? Who knew? Well, in fact, we knew.

Specifically, Peter Brimelow knew, when he wrote Alien Nation in 1995 (Chapter 10: Immigration Has Consequences—Political Power) and also when he wrote Electing a New People as a National Review cover story. [June 16, 1997]

But there are many people who don't know, and  a lot of them are at CPAC. They need to know. At this point, if you are a Republican operative, immigration is endangering your job.

A flyer saying  all this, suitable for printing and handing out to the throngs at CPAC  can be downloaded here. (6.2 MB PDF, 1 printable page.)

Time for some grassroots activism!

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