Fear and Hate in the MSM
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Commenter Rohan Swee replies to the Washington Post editorial "Lawmakers stoking fear of immigrants:"
Fear fear fear fear fear fear fear fear FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR. I must say I am grateful to the MSM for giving me so much insight for the past couple of decades into my real psychological state. Instead of the easily stokable, twitching, bulging-eyed mass of fears that I now know myself to be, I would still labor under the self-delusion that I tend toward the phlegmatic and deliberative in my reactions. The thing I haven't quite figured out yet, though, is how people like me can be the most boring, unemotional, dull, grey, non-vibrant creatures in the universe, stunted by logic and reason, desperately in need of jazzing up by the presence of more exuberant types, and at the same time these seething volcanoes of primitive passions, barely able to make sense of the world in terms more complex and nuanced than kill or be killed. Help me out here, oh MSM sages.
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