Treason Lobby Outfit Confirms What VDARE Has Said For Years: Immigration = Poverty
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Earlier, by Sam Francis, 20 years ago: It's Official: U.S. Importing Poverty

The Migration Policy Institute, a Treason Lobby think tank, recently released a study that proves what VDARE has argued for years: Immigrants tend to be poor, and they tend to stay that way for some time, even for generations. 

The money quotes:

Of the 44 million immigrants in the United States as of 2019 whose poverty status could be determined, one-third (14.8 million) were low income, meaning that their family’s income was below 200 percent of the federal poverty level. In 2019, the federal poverty threshold was $16,521 for a family of two and $26,172 for a family of four.

Among low-income immigrants, 41 percent had a family income below the poverty level and 59 percent had a family income between 100 and 199 percent of the poverty level. Seventeen percent had a family income below 50 percent of the poverty level—commonly defined as deep poverty. …

32 percent of low-income immigrants were naturalized citizens and 32 percent were lawful permanent residents (also known as green-card holders) in 2019. An additional 33 percent were unauthorized immigrants, and 4 percent held a nonimmigrant status (such as students or temporary workers) [emphasis added]. …

Among low-income immigrants who were employed full time, year round in 2019, 40 percent earned between $15,000 and $24,999 per year, 16 percent had lower earnings, and 44 percent had higher earnings.

[A Profile of Low-Income Immigrants in the United States,, November 2022]

In other words, the majority of low-income “immigrants,” a third of whom are illegal aliens, earned less than $25,000 annually. A significant percentage earn less than $15,000.

Importantly, as David North of the Center of Immigration Studies observed, MPI’s data are from 2019, before the Biden Rush to the border began [MPI issues devastating report on low-income migrants, Center for Immigration Studies, November 22, 2022]. Traitor Joe has released more than 1 million.

That means the study, while confirming what VDARE has argued for years, underestimates the number of penniless “migrants” now living on the taxpayers’ dime. And that number will surely grow as Biden continues The Great Replacement.

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