Treason Lobby Money Buoys Arrogant Ellmers (Cheap Labor - NC2)
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Congresscritter Ellmers: Obey my Owners! They need cheap labor!

Few Congresscritters in history can have displayed more immediate contempt for their electorate or supporters than Renee Ellmers (Treason Lobby – NC2) who took the district from a Democrat in 2010 masquerading as a Tea Party member and has subsequently taken to denouncing them in favor of hard working immigrants: Renee Ellmers (NC 2) Outed As Cheap Labor Lobby Servant.

The intemperate arrogance she showed repeating this view should be costing here dearly. As Ann Coulter said early this week:

Rep. Ellmers, has dedicated herself to supporting the needs of her rich donors by being strident, rude and utterly cliched on the subject of immigration.

Naturally, she is supported by Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg—because who cares about the needs of North Carolina workers more than a Silicon Valley one-hit wonder seeking cheap foreign labor? (I'm sure Zuckerberg has the very best interests of the country at heart.)

Every exchange Ellmers has about immigration seems to end in a blizzard of shouts and insults. After failing to tear at the heartstrings of talk radio's Laura Ingraham with tales of rich farmers who need cheap foreign labor, Ellmers shouted that Ingraham was "ignorant" and "emotional."

...About a week later, Ellmers denounced a constituent who criticized her on immigration, telling him that he didn't have "any damn facts" and was full of "hatred and vitriol."

(Zuckerberg apparently pays his politicians better than he pays his computer programmers.)

Sadly, the latest Campaign filings show that Congresscritter Yarmuth is correct: all the money is on the Treason Lobby side: Roche lags in fundraising By Craig Jarvis April 19, 2014. As of there filings, Ellmers had outraised Roche:

...the Cary Republican raised just $17,551, and has $8,842 left over. Ellmers, a Republican from Dunn, reports raising $324,330, and has $433,787 cash on hand.

Eventually Americans will want to know why crude bibery  was allowed to transform their country.

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