Is ICE Honcho Homan a Swamp Creature?
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On Wednesday, the Acting ICE director Thomas Homan appeared on Fox News and discussed his agency’s duties sounding like a tough enforcer. He railed against MS-13 and sanctuary cities. When Fox host Neil Cavuto observed how widespread the violent gang has become, Homan responded, “Our intelligence shows they’re in over 40 states across the country” and “we’re coming after them very hard.” He further expounded:
When [President Trump] signed executive orders, he basically told the Border Patrol agents and the 20,000 American patriots that work for ICE: you can now do your job, you will enforce the laws on the books. There’s no population of aliens that’s off the table any more, and we’ve been waiting on that almost a decade now. So you know I’ve made it clear when you enter this country illegally, you have committed a crime, and you can’t want to be a part of this country and not respect its laws, so those who enter the country illegally, you may get past the Border Patrol and in the past you had this feeling that, ‘Okay I’m home free, I got by the Border Patrol and no one’s looking for me’ — well, those days are over. We’re looking for you, we’re gonna prioritize what we do, but we’re going to enforce the law without apology.
Regarding those special safe spaces for illegal aliens, Homan said, “Sanctuary cities in my opinion, they’re unAmerican: that’s not an America I grew up in.”

Director Homan sounds like a tough immigration law enforcer, right? Deportation is happening, is it not?

In May, ICE gang arrests netted more than 1300 illegal alien criminals in largest sweep to date.


Interestingly, Breitbart News paints quite a different picture of the ICE leader, that he was Obama’s willing and enthusiastic henchman who released criminal aliens into America like the MS-13 monsters Homan now condemns:

Trump’s ICE Director Helped Author Obama’s Immigration Priorities and Executive Orders, Praised Them,, by Brandon Darby, July 10, 2017

The Obama-holdover chosen by DHS Secretary John Kelly to direct Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for the Trump Administration helped author Obama’s controversial immigration priorities and executive orders, and he also publicly praised them. Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan made the comments on video shortly before the 2016 presidential election at a time when most thought Hillary Clinton would win, but Donald Trump won and now Homan claims to be an immigration hawk.

Trump’s campaign largely centered around opposing former President Barack Obama’s executive orders on immigration and the release of criminal illegal aliens into U.S. communities. Acting ICE Director Homan was the Enforcement and Removal Director (ERO) for President Obama and even received an elite award from the former president for his efforts on immigration. Homan has come under fire from the ICE Council for being Obama’s official who oversaw Obama’s release of tens of thousands of criminal illegal aliens into the U.S. (. . .)

Breitbart contacted ICE Officer and ICE Council President Chris Crane for comment on all that Acting ICE Director Homan said in the video. Officer Crane stated, “This video shows the real Thomas Homan. He said whatever he had to say to please Obama and to please Hillary Clinton, whom he likely thought would win the election.”

Officer Crane continued, “I guess Secretary Kelly and Homan think if Homan just says a bunch of hardline immigration comments now, we will all forget what he did for Obama. They think we will all just let it go and not talk about the fact that Homan praised Obama’s immigration policies, helped to write them, and even received an award from Obama for having done so. Homan somehow convinces people who support Obama that he is really on their open borders side, while also convincing immigration hawks that he is really on their side. It’s actually quite spineless and the ICE officers risking their lives for our country deserve a better leader.”

Chris Crane was a welcome and courageous voice during the dark days of Obama’s immigration anarchy, so his opinion counts for a lot. In 2012, Crane appeared in a press conference led by enforcement paragon Senator Jeff Sessions and discussed Obama’s complete non-enforcement of anyone claiming to be a Dreamer. Another great moment was Crane’s ejection in 2013 from a pro-amnesty Gang-of-Eight presser for asking an immigration enforcement question. He has testified before Congress at least six times, he remarked to Mark Levin in a May 2013 radio interview.

So who is Thomas Homan? Is he a tough law enforcement officer protecting America or is he a creature of Washington’s infamous Swamp, bending to the breeze of whoever is in power? Actions speak louder than words, so we must assume the latter.

President Trump promised to drain the Swamp and free Americans from the parasites gumming up the works to retain power and their fat salaries. Surely there are some talented managers in the agency who would bring genuine commitment to the job of ICE Director. Americans deserve better.

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