Trailer With 58 Illegals Stopped At Texas Checkpoint. Let's Not Forget The Border
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From La Opinión, biggest Spanish-language newspaper in the U.S., yet more evidence that, no matter what else is going on, we can't ignore the border:

A truck driver, arrested by the Border Patrol for transporting 58 undocumented immigrants, declared that he did the job because of threats that he received and to pay off a debt of 6,000 pesos (around 300 dollars) [Transportaba a 58 indocumentados por amenazas a sus hijos y por deuda de $300 dólares ("He was Transporting 58 Illegal Aliens Because of Threats to his Children and for a Debt of 300 Dollars") La Opinión, June 5, 2020].

They're still trying to smuggle people into the United States.

The driver, identified as David Castro Gomez, was detained on May 29 at a checkpoint on Interstate 35 near Laredo, Texas, when agents detected that in the trailer he was carrying dozens of immigrants without papers.

That's why these checkpoints are important. Kudos to the agents.

Upon being questioned about persons in the trailer, Castro Gomez said that he didn't know what he was transporting, that he was doing a friend a favor and that he had been hired in San Antonio to drive the trailer by a man he didn't know. This unknown person had said that he knew where his children in Mexico were and that if he didn't do the job something bad could happen....

There are some evil people in this business.

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