Trailblazing Black Female Judge Charnelle Bjelkengren—New Heights In Affirmative Action
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Yes: in key areas of employment, objective standards are being thrown out of the window in favor of "equity" — making sure that as many blacks, women, and other favored groups as possible get the most jobs.

There was a quite stunning illustration of this on January 25th, when the Senate Judiciary Committee was holding confirmation hearings for a new tranche of President Biden's appointments to the federal bench.

The particular job applicant here was Judge Charnelle Bjelkengren, billed as a black female, although she doesn't look very black to me. (The name Bjelkengren is Swedish.)

An octoroon, perhaps.

Judge Bjelkengren is nominee to serve as district judge for the Eastern District of Washington State. Note that if appointed she'll be serving as a judge in a federal trial court — the first black woman so to serve in Washington State, we were told when Biden nominated her.

Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana had a couple of test questions for the lady.


Sen. Kennedy: "Thank you, Mr Chairman, and congratulations, er, to all of you. Um, Judge, on the far end. Er, tell me what Article V of the Constitution does."

(Long silence.)

Judge Bjelkengren: "Article V is not coming to mind at the moment."

Sen. Kennedy: "Okay. How about Article II?"

(Long silence.)

Judge Bjelkengren: "Neither is Article II."

Sen. Kennedy: "Okay."

I can't improve on Senator Kennedy's remark in a follow-up interview, after telling the interviewer he wouldn't support Judge Bjelkengren's appointment: "Look, if you want to be an auto mechanic, you got to know what a spark plug is."[Biden Judge Pick Who Failed Spot Quiz Attracts GOP Criticism (1) , Bloomberg Law, February 1, 2023]

Democrat Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, supplied the rebuttal,: "I think you have to take the life experience circumstances of each of the nominees in consideration. And she's clearly qualified to take this job."

Ah, those "life experience circumstances"! All those years of being praised and flattered, petted and excused, given a pass on every kind of objective assessment, being waved through to the next level as a trailblazing black female … Yeah, she's qualified all right, in all the ways that matter to the ruling class

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