VDARE Book Club: Fiery But Mostly Peaceful: The 2020 Riots And The Gaslighting Of America By Julio Rosas
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Occasionally, you live through an event that you know will be remembered in the history books. You know the media is lying about it. And as a result, you know history is lying about it too. There’s something surreal about it because it’s not a question of opinion or ideology. You see specific things that are happening, and the journos, quite consciously, say the opposite. 

The 2020 riots were an amazing example of this. At best, many journalists downplayed violence and tried to give urban chaos the best face possible. It is a remarkable contrast to the way they treated January 6, 2021. Now it almost seems that the 2020 riots have been buried and forgotten. Unfortunately, we are still living with the consequences. 

For that reason, it’s important to examine what happened in detail. This month’s selection for the VDARE Book Club is Fiery But Mostly Peaceful: The 2020 Riots and the Gaslighting of America by Julio Rosas. If you haven’t already joined the Book Club, you can here. 

I’m really looking forward to this one. Subscribers should get their discussion questions next week. I’ll be doing my solo breakdown podcast soon afterwards and then I’m happy to announce the legendary Paul Kersey will help me break this one down. 

This is going to be a great month and I hope to be talking to all of you soon. 



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