Top Obama Gay: Hate Crime Bill to pass this week...maybe
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The Washington Blade reported yesterday that the Hate Crimes Bill is to be attached to (of all things) a Tourism Bill, and will be voted on this week — possibly even today.

Lawmakers are expected to pass the measure by amending S. 1023, or the Travel Promotion Act, said the source. The bill is geared toward establishing a national travel promotion program to communicate U.S. travel policies and to promote travel to the United States.

Senate hate crimes vote expected this week By CHRIS JOHNSON, Washington Blade Jun 15 2009,

This was forecast by one John Berry, director of the Office of Personnel Management in an interview he gave to The Advocate over the weekend

Berry: Hate Crimes May Pass Next Week By Kerry Eleveld June 14 2009 Berry is described as

The highest ranking LGBT official in the Obama administration

( Note: LGBT! So that is what explains the presence of an apparent Christian-heritage white man in the Obama gang!)

All, however, may not be lost. Under pressure by the interviewer for not supplying more privileges to the Gay "community” Berry retorted

Berry: We don’t have the votes to do Hate Crimes right now, we don’t have the votes to do ENDA, how are we going [to get ”don’t ask, don’t tell]?

Their tactics betray that the Free Speech repression crowd is indeed having difficulty. But it is plain from their comments and from history that this legislation and the mess of similar state laws will be used to curtail discussion of immigration — as has been done in the UK

Our lawyers tell us should not directly seek to influence legislation. Better funded Immigration Reform outfits — for instance NumbersUSA — seem to have figured out a way round this. Where are they in this fight?

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