One Small Quote from Louis Andrews, One Giant Leap for the Race Debate in America
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The abuse of whites in the mainstream media is a depressingly routine—and unchecked—affair. For years, characters like Mark Potok have gone unanswered and unchallenged as go-to sources on "hate." But there's more to the story than what the "watchdog" groups have to say, and two journalists have noticed. Louis Andrews, a spokesman for the National Policy Institute, a white advocacy group, was included in an Australian radio broadcast (alongside Potok) and an Associated Press story on reaction to the Holocaust Museum shooting.

("There's no such thing as post-racial" is about as refreshing a quote as I've heard in a long time.) It's about time. Of course, for the willing journalist, there are plenty of white voices (both professional and otherwise) out there who might have a good quote about immigration, affirmative action and other issues facing them. Why not include them in your stories?

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