Hate Crime laws: A Zero Sum game.
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By the wonderfully simple process of setting up a Google news alert it is possible see that the Federale blog is correct in pointing out that fashion has a lot to do with law enforcement. Right now the fashion is ”hate” crimes and numerous style-conscious law enforcement outfits are searching eagerly for them.

A case in Omaha is a lucid demonstration of one reason why these laws are going to be dangerous for whites. Consider

Extortion Suspect Might Face More Charges Gary Smollen WOWT.com Jun2, 2009

Apparently some local louts decided to get into the Protection business. They caused damage at local businesses, but one of them was caught. Because some or all of these operations were owned by immigrants, Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine is considering adding a hate crime charge, much to the delight of one of the victims:

Har K. Dev …and a few of the other businessmen want to see a hate crime charge added to Peck's sheet. "He went to this, we are Indian, this Indian store, then they went to Mediterranean, then they went to Chinese and some Koreans, so that proves that it's a hate crime."

Of course what it might prove is that these businesses prefer to deal in cash, but there is a serious implication here.

If an extortionist realizes penalties are higher if he targets a minority business, won’t that encourage him to target businesses owned by whites instead?

As The Kvetcher says, hate crime legislation is about putting certain social elements in a privileged position. It

makes one person’s blood sweeter than another’s.

And who knows what these regulations might be distorted into, given ambitious fashion-conscious prosecutors and ethnocentric judges?

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