Tom Friedman: Let Them Hack Cabs And Take In Lodgers!
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Thomas Friedman's estate


Thomas Friedman writes:
But thanks to the merger of globalization and the I.T. revolution that has unfolded over the last two decades ... “the high-wage, medium-skilled job is over,” says Stefanie Sanford, the chief of global policy and advocacy for the College Board. The only high-wage jobs that will support the kind of middle-class lifestyle of old will be high-skilled ones, requiring a commitment to rigorous education, adaptability and innovation, she added. ...
To be in the middle class, you may need to consider not only high-skilled jobs, “but also more nontraditional forms of work,” explained Manyika. Work itself may have to be thought of as “a form of entrepreneurship” where you draw on all kinds of assets and skills to generate income.
This could mean leveraging your skills through Task Rabbit, or your car through Uber, or your spare bedroom through AirBnB to add up to a middle-class income. 
A reader comments:
Menial work + part time driver + renting out your personal space = the bright future envisioned by Tom Friedman, NYT chief futurologist!
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