Cardinal Dolan’s Letter to Speaker Boehner Pushes Amnesty for Lawbreakers
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Over in Vaticanville, Catholic elites hope to undermine American sovereignty by promoting amnesty and open borders. One of the top Cardinals, Timothy Dolan of New York, recently blasted off a letter to the Speaker lecturing him on the morality of “immigration reform.”

After all, most illegal aliens are Hispanic Catholics, so leadership desires their presence to keep pews filled, even when American parishioners may feel disenfranchised when their own churches are transformed into Spanish-speaking congregations.

In addition, the Catholic church often promotes bilingualism and separatism rather than assimilation to this country.

Below, in Los Angeles dancers mark the Virgin’s feast day at Our Lady Queen of Angels Church. “We celebrate as if it were in Mexico,” said Father Paschal Amagba, a priest of the church. “When the people come here, they feel at home.”

In fact, the American taxpayer is forced to support Catholic projects like refugee resettlement even though we are supposed to have separation of church and state. The 2010 report of the Catholic Charities stated that the organization received $2.9 billion from “government revenue” aka tax money.

Remember that opposition to national sovereignty is largely the ideology of Catholic elites, not church-goers. Most citizen parishioners want law and borders, as shown by a 2009 Zogby poll in which 64 percent of congregants preferred enforcement to amnesty.

It is rather arrogant of Cardinal Dolan to lecture House members about the “moral matter” of illegal alien amnesty when his institution is hardly a paragon of ethical behavior. The problem of pedophile priests was long swept under the rug as perverts were reassigned to various churches to keep them out of jail. In 2007, the Diocese of Los Angeles wrote a check for over $600 million to settle the sex abuse lawsuits against its priests, which was the largest payout but was only one of many settlements to victims. See for details on financial resolutions.

A Google News search (covering one month) of Catholic Sex Abuse Priest on November 10 resulted in 6250 items, showing the scandal continues to this day.

Therefore the Cardinal has little standing in the morality department, particularly on the subject of rewarding foreign lawbreakers. If he were to be successful in legalizing illegal aliens, thereby giving them access to all US jobs, he would be harming citizens, not a very Christian thing to do.

Immigration Letter to House, US Conference of Catholic Bishops, November 7, 2013

Dear Mr. Speaker:

On behalf of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, I write to you on an issue of great importance and urgency to the nation-immigration reform. We respectfully request that the House of Representatives address the issue as soon as possible, ideally prior to the end of the calendar year. Reports that immigration reform is now delayed in the House are most troubling.

As pastors, we witness each day the human consequences of a broken immigration system. Families are separated through deportation, migrant workers are exploited in the workplace, and migrants die in the desert. In their attempts to respond to these human tragedies, our priests, religious, and social service providers in many cases are unable to help these persons without changes to the law.

To be sure, Church teaching supports the right of sovereign nations to protect their borders. In our view, immigration reform would protect that right and restore the rule of law while upholding the human rights and dignity of the person.

As a moral matter, however, our nation cannot continue to receive the benefits of the work and contributions of undocumented immigrants without extending to them the protection of the law. Studies have demonstrated that undocumented immigrants contribute substantially to our nation’s economy, working in industries such as service, construction, and agriculture. Keeping these human beings as a permanent underclass of workers who are unable to assert their rights or enjoy the fruits of their labor is a stain on the soul of the nation.

As we have communicated in the past, we urge you to pass in its final form immigration reform legislation that 1) establishes a fair and achievable path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented in the nation; 2) creates a program that permits future flows of migrant workers to enter safely and legally and with appropriate protections; 3) reaffirms family reunification as the cornerstone of our nation’s immigration system and expedites the reunification of families, based on marriage as the union of one man and one woman; 4) restores basic due process protections to immigrants, including protections against unnecessary detention; 5) enhances protections for refugees and asylum-seekers; and 6) examines the root causes of migration, such as poverty and persecution, and adopts policies that address these push factors.

The House has a responsibility to debate and attempt to resolve public policy issues that challenge the nation. The Senate already has passed such a bill, which, although not perfect, improves upon the status quo.

Immigration is a challenge that has confounded our nation for years, with little action from our federally elected officials. It is a matter of great moral urgency that cannot wait any longer for action. The U.S. Catholic bishops stand ready to assist you in this effort.

Thank you for your attention to our views and we look forward to hearing from you regarding this important matter.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan
Archbishop of New York
President, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

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