"To Think That It Was All Done For A Goal That Is Itself Illegitimate—Crushing Offensive Speech"
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Ann Althouse on Canada's hate speech laws:

Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant testify about the completely out-of-control pursuit of hate speech in Canada.

I won't attempt to summarize. Listen to the testimony before Parliament's Justice and Human Rights Committee. What has gone on in Canada is truly revolting. The procedural abuses are astounding, and to think that it was all done for a goal that is itself illegitimate — crushing offensive speech.[More]

The text of Ezra Levant's prepared speech gives his opening statement first in English, then in French, since it's addressed to Canada's bilingual parliament. As far as I can tell from the YouTube, he didn't actually deliver it in both languages. This horrifyingly boring procedure is common in Canada, and may be coming to the US right along with hate speech legislation. I saw it in video of the "Million Immigrant March" three years ago.

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