To Coin a Phrase: "An Uncle Tim"
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Tim Wise describes himself on as:
Tim Wise is among the most respected anti-racist writers & educators in the U.S., having spoken in 48 states and on over 400 college campuses. He has trained teachers as well as corporate, government, media and law enforcement officials on methods for dismantling institutional racism, and has served as an consultant for plaintiff’s attorneys in federal discrimination cases in New York and Washington State. Wise has contributed essays to fifteen books, and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows worldwide to discuss race and racism.
Wise is the author of White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son and Affirmative Action: Racial Preferences in Black and White.

So, in honor of Tim Wise, it's right and fitting to coin the term "an Uncle Tim."

Here's to you, Tim. Of all the Uncle Tims out there making a living off the race racket, you are the Uncle Timmiest.

(This picture by the way, was picked out by the man himself — it's on the top of the homepage of I must compliment him on finding a picture that so epitomizes an Uncle Tim's slightly demented combination of self-righteousness and self-satisfaction. He looks like a man who has Got The Microphone and won't be giving it up for a long, long time.)

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