Times-Democrat's Bogdanovic Needs More Patience
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A few days ago, I got this email from Alexandra Bogdanovic (email her) of the Fauquier Times Democrat:
I recently received some information about "hate groups" here in Fauquier County. I understand that some organizations characterize your group as such, and that your group is also characterized as "white nationalist." In browsing your Web site, I see that you adamantly disavow both descriptions. However, I would like to speak with you further about the issue for a story I intend to write for next week's edition

So I did speak to her, patiently explaining that the Southern Poverty Law Center, which was of course the source of her information, is (altogether now) A SHAKEDOWN SCAM THAT PREYS ON THE ELDERLY, HOLOCAUST-HAUNTED RICH, which has been devastatingly debunked in unimpeachable MSM sources like Harper's and the Montgomery Advertiser.

And, of course, Bogdanovitch's article ("Hate group presence is mostly virtual", May 7 2008) not only ignores this, but even removes those faux-impartial quotes around "hate".

The number of active hate groups in America is growing, according to one organization that monitors them.

Three hate groups are allegedly present in Fauquier County. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, they are the Center for American Unity, the VDARE Foundation and the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

Note "allegedly present" - not "alleged hate".

Bogdanovic's piece is riddled with minor errors of a sort that are easy to make but also easy to catch (e.g. I am not a "former" financial journalist, I have not written "two" books critical of immigration policy, just one, alas).

Plus, of course, the VDARE Foundation has never been in Fauquier County anyway. That should have alerted Bogdanovic to the SPLC's accuracy, but obviously didn't.

However, the real scandal is her credulous failure to distinguish between our posting polemical articles - or, in the case of CAU, highly techical amicus briefs - and lynching people, which is what the Ku Klux Klan is supposed to do. (Although in fact Bodanovic apparently failed to trace any actual KKK members in Fauquier County).

This is a distinction the SPLC is eager to erase, in its Stalinist quest for control of debate.

Oh, I explained that to Bogdanovic too. Maybe she's just stupid.

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