Tijuana Police Accused of Mistreating Deported Illegal Aliens
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Some Mexican policemen in Tijuana, Mexico have been accused by a certain Victor Clark Alfaro, of some outfit called the Centro Binacional de Derechos Humanos (Binational Center of Human Rights), of mistreating deported illegal aliens when they wind up in Tijuana. According to an article in El Universal, Mexico's paper of record, (Denuncian abusos de polic?­as de Tijuana contra indocumentados, Julieta Mart?­nez, June 21st,2008):
Elements of the local [Tijuana] police have become 'true migrant-hunters', with attitudes similar to those of xenophobic groups in the United States, charged the director of the Binational Center of Human Rights, Victor Clark Alfaro, in revealing the results of a study carried out with California universities in this city [Tijuana].
The California students who carried out the study were from the University of California at San Diego, and they
...interviewed 187 migrants who were detained during the two administrations [of both the current and previous mayor], and at least 4 of every 10 [of those interviewed]reported that they had been taken to jail in more than one occasion.
Who are these migrants? According to the article they are
...recently deported Mexicans who are detained by the [Tijuana police] agents under the argument that they don't have identification documents.
Most likely, they are Mexicans who are not from Tijuana but from other parts of Mexico. And,
...upon getting out of jail, they [the police] even arrest them on various occasions with the same accusation.
According to Clark:
One of the biggest risks that the hundreds of migrants deported [from the U.S.]daily to Tijuana confront is the illegal detention by the [Tijuana] municipal police, who under the pretext that they [the deported] do not bear identification, are interrogated, mistreated, and even beaten and robbed, before being locked up.
Bad conduct by the Tijuana police is inexcusable. But let's look at the big picture here. Mexicans from other regions of Mexico go to the border, cross illegally, and get deported to Tijuana, a city with plenty of problems already (such as the drug cartel wars) So Tijuana police get frustrated, mistreat these people, and take advantage of them. It's a bad scene, any way you look at it. As I've pointed out in my article, Border States Feel Strain...in Mexico! this is a big problem for the northern Mexican border states, which are being used by the Mexican government as a human dumping ground.

So what the Tijuana government ought to do is demand that the Mexican government condemn illegal emigration to the U.S., which is illegal under Mexican law anyway! (See my article Mexican Illegals Breaking Mexican Law Too!) If the Mexican government doesn't get the message, the Tijuana government could do this. They could bus all deported Mexicans straight to Mexico City, guiding them into the halls of the Mexican Congress, and the presidential residence at Los Pinos. That way Calderon and Mexican Senators and Representatives (who are loud defenders of illegal aliens in the U.S.) could directly care for these deported illegal aliens. Just an idea.

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