Thursday's OOV Amnesty Story Collection: 46. Drudge: 0
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But why Amnesty them and permit it?

Belatedly (because of having to work for a living) I post the link to One Old Vet’s Daily Amnesty story compendium which has risen to a new record of 46.

Many of them are highly salient and informative. I am spoiled for choice.

But perhaps the most significant is Amnesty: An Electoral Disaster By John O’Sullivan NRO February 6, 2013. This attracted the cogent insight from commenter “TS1709”

In effect, these "amnesty" and H1-B work visa Republicans are holding a virtual "going out of business sale" using the remaining voting clout of the party to pass such legislation. And the politicians who vote for such legislation will be taken care of, while the Republican Party will eventually fare nationwide as it does now in California.

John O’Sullivan’s view is no surprise since he as editor of National Review commissioned Peter Brimelow’s crucial article on the subject, which of course ultimately cost both of them their jobs.

So the point is that he was allowed to publish it. Looks like even the NR hacks  realize the Dogs don’t like it.

Drudge is carrying nothing on Amnesty – unless you count the link to a Puff piece entitled  “Rubio World” drawing attention to the Time cover drool The Republican Savior

It figures


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