ICE Union President Testifies Immigration Enforcement Is Over
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Sean Hannity, one of Fox News’ top amnesty enthusiasts, appeared surprised by the testimony of former ICE director Julie Myers Wood and ICE union president Chris Crane about the Obama administration’s non-enforcement of America’s borders and sovereignty. Permissiveness in those areas makes the entry of terrorists easier — who knew?

“It kind of takes my breath away,” Hannity said during an interview with Crane after the agent reported that only convicted felons may now be deported under Obama’s directive, and agents who insist upon following the law are punished.

Does Hannity think the Obama’s henchmen will do enforcement any better under the amnesty the Fox broadcaster supports?

What’s somewhat more newsworthy is Crane’s statement that after Obama’s re-election, orders of non-enforcement went from verbal to written. The President doesn’t have to pretend any longer.

There should be no surprise about these facts about non-enforcement: Fox Radio reported last August that an ICE agent was suspended for arresting a dangerous illegal alien, so extreme non-enforcement is not exactly news.

Also, Chris Crane was one of the agents suing the government for non-enforcement of immigration laws in ICE Agents v. Napolitano. That case moved forward when a judge ruled in January the agents have standing to sue.

Finally, here is a video of Chris Crane’s testimony from Tuesday’s hearing in the House, helpfully posted at Senator Sessions’ YouTube channel:



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