THOSE WHO CAN SEE: Progressive Responses To Spree Killings OF Non-Muslim Nonblacks BY Muslims And Blacks:
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M.G., who runs the stone-kicker blog "Those Who Can See," has posted a fine jujitsu piece on spree killings.

She describes the standard progressive responses to spree killings of non-Muslim nonblacks by Muslims and blacks:  Nidal Hasan, the Tsarnaevs, the D.C. snipers, the Charlie Hebdo killers, Colin Ferguson, Omar Thornton, the 2005 and 2013 London killings.  Then she applies that same progressive logic to last month's Charleston church shootings.

We join with progressives, then, in saying that while no one in their right mind can support slaughtering innocent Christians at a Wednesday night Bible study, it is possible that greater societal forces can push unstable people over the edge—and that such people's groups should not be stigmatized. We also join progressives in saying that these societal forces deserve to be looked at closely. We echo progressives' call to do our very best to avoid repeating the conditions that led to such unthinkable horror. [Reacting to Spree Killings, Progressively, July 2, 2015]
M.G. doesn't post often—average about once a month—but it's all gold.


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