Those talented immigrants at work...
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Further supporting my contention on Saturday that the Galleon insider trading case demonstrates how much Wall Street has become Minority Occupied Territory is Galleon Sinks; Informant Surfaces By SUSAN PULLIAM The Wall Street Journal October 22 2009

The informant who touched off the insider-trading case is identified by a Securities and Exchange Commission complaint as "Tipper A" ... According to people familiar with the matter, the informant is Roomy Khan… The last listed address for Ms. Khan, 51 years old, and her husband, Sakhawat Khan, is Atherton, Calif.

The WSJ notes

In July 2007, the informant identified as Ms. Khan "arranged to pay" $10,000 to a junior Moody's analyst for inside information on a takeover of Hilton, the complaint said…The former Moody's junior analyst, identified by someone familiar with the matter as 27-year-old Deep Shah, denied Wednesday that he passed any confidential information in exchange for money, as alleged. Reached in Mumbai, he said: "I don't know anything about this."

The Journal further reports

The evolving details show how Mr. Rajaratnam allegedly gleaned inside information from a circle of technology analysts he had known since the 1990s, when he was an analyst at investment bank Needham & Co. They include two other cooperating witnesses: California hedge-fund managers Choo Beng Lee, who also worked at Needham, and Ali Far, who once worked at Galleon,

Do I see a pattern?

Insider trading, of course, is extremely attractive because a couple of phone calls can reap millions. Pity Vivek Kundra’s hard-working former colleagues:

Farrukh Awan…and his boss, Yusuf Acar, were fired after federal authorities accused them of asking government contractor Sushil Bansal for cash so they would approve Bansal's employees for jobs at the city's technology office…Awan worked for Bansal's Advanced Integrated Technologies Corp…before being hired as a full-time city employee in 2006. By then, authorities say, Awan had already conspired with Bansal to receive kickbacks based on the hourly wage Bansal's workers received at the technology office…One of Bansal's employees, Sarosh Mir, has pleaded guilty to submitting inflated time sheets to the city, sometimes for employees who did not work for the District.

Another guilty plea expected in D.C. tech office kickback scheme By: FREEMAN KLOPOTT The Examiner October 23, 2009

All these details…so much administration. In the two years Kundra was ”Chief Technology Officer” for the District of Columbia wouldn’t he have sensed something was going on right under his nose? But since he is protected by President Obama's racial predelictions it does not matter.

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