Those Riots: Greece today—America Tomorrow?
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I am increasingly impressed by the professionalism of the news service of the much-reviled British National Party. True to the fact-based, empirical English tradition, they actually put it on the home page of their website! Can you imagine an American party having the confidence to do that?

Greece Suffers under Wave of Asylum Seeker-Caused Violence, BNP News, December 7, 2008  asserts that the media

[H]ave excelled themselves once again by simply ignoring the real cause of the violent riots currently sweeping Greece…the spark which led to the current unrest was caused by asylum seekers rioting after being told that no more applications were being processed that week.

The story then links to a Press Association story Asylum seekers riot in Athens

Hundreds of migrants waiting to submit asylum applications rioted in central Athens, setting fire to rubbish bins and attacking passing cars.

and a Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Daily Asylum-seekers riot in Athens after a man falls into a canal

Protesters said the riot began when one man fell into a nearby canal after authorities told the crowd that no more applications could be submitted Saturday.

and says

The BBC itself, while refusing to link the current unrest to the asylum seekers, carries a video report dealing with Pakistani asylum seeker unrest in Athens here.

PC - I strongly recommend this video

Now Greece is a combustible society, and is no doubt capable of supplying home-grown reinforcements to a good riot. But if the immigrants had not been there, would it have happened?

It remains extremely difficult to determine the ethnicity of the rioters from the plethora of MSM photographs. Is this accidental?

Hat tip BNP News, especially for the links, which render SPLC-type smear attacks on their story impotent.

Coming soon to a location near you…

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