Nativist Watch
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The lovable SPLC has an email list called "Immigration Watch" and I'm signed up to get their emails. (You can sign up by emailing them.) I got good post off that list here.

Anyhow, this what I got in email:

Note to readers: Please note that from this week forward, the name of this weekly newsletter will be "Nativist Watch" in order to better reflect its focus on nativist extremist activists and organizations rather than general matters of immigration policy.
An e-newsletter monitoring extremism and the anti-immigration movement

Obviously, it's not us who are the extremists, it's the SPLC. We believe what most Americans believe, that immigration is out of hand, and it's a problem. They think that a few American activists, and the Minutemen who volunteer to do the job that that Border Patrol isn't doing, are a bigger problem than 20 million illegals and the Mexican Mafia.





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