They really want these Haitians
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The Washington Post is determined. After running not one but two Op-Ed pieces calling for increased Haitian immigration, it followed up with its own editorial The U.S. should welcome Haitians in Friday, January 29, 2010

This demanded ”at a minimum” America immediately admit

perhaps in monthly airlifts of 5,000 or 10,000

the 64,000 Haitians who have approved or pending visa applications, cheerfully admitting

No doubt, an influx of Haitians would put a burden on schools and other local services, but it is a burden the United States has shouldered in the past in the face of emergency and extreme hardship.

So far this crazy campaign has not gathered much support elsewhere in the MSM. The neighboring Baltimore Sun earlier in the week editorialized U.S. should loosen Haitian immigration quotas by Andy Green January 26 2010 which advanced essentially the same arguments, but livened them up by more aggressively insulting Americans:

Could you imagine a country so cruel and intolerant that it would deport undocumented immigrants from Haiti... What’s needed… is to … temporarily suspend certain restrictions on emigration to the U.S. from Haiti…If the U.S. turns its back on victims at our doorstep, if we reflexively refuse them because immigration is too difficult a subject in an election year, what does that say about us?

(Suggest to Andy Green it would say Americans are not utter fools)

In Britain, The Independent’s Ian Birrell scalped the second Washington Post Op-Ed to produce Throw open our doors to Haitians Thursday, 28 January 2010

...reputable studies have consistently proved the economic and social benefits of limited immigration. Britain, with a tiny Haitian community, could accept a one-off influx of perhaps 10,000 people, as could Germany and Spain. France, the former colonial power, could welcome a slightly larger figure to join the 80,000 Haitians living there

(’s British readers should suggest to Ian Birrell he study Immigration and Haiti more thoroughly)

Very refreshingly, an MSM voice of sanity has been raised: Our view on compassion and immigration:Help Haitians, but don’t throw open U.S. borders USAToday editorial, January 29 2010

This is a well argued piece which attracted a very crucial comment:

OMG no!!!! I live in South Florida and let me tell you, if EVER there was one group of immigrants (legal or illegal) that represented the WORST overall level of contribution to their self-sustinence, it would the Haitians. I've met maybe one or two hard working haitians down here, the rest? Nightmare. I am the son of immigrants but let me tell you, this group is bad news. Kckn4fun

Possibly this MSM cover attracted the usually timid Roy Beck of NumbersUSA into the controversy: 3 Illogical Arguments for Helping Haiti by Taking More of Its Immigrants Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do the editorialists really believe that removing only about 1% of Haiti's population would have any measurable effect on the pressures for violence and chaotic departures? If anything, watching 50,000 fellow citizens getting on boats for America might evoke more chaotic unauthorized efforts to follow them.

Wonkish counter arguments have their place, but Kckn4fun got to the central truth which most are too cowardly to express: Haitian immigration needs to be minimized because Haitians are, indeed, bad news.

President Obama wants more Haitians because they are black. Powerful elements supporting his administration want Haitians because they want to abolish America.

The purpose of the superficially quixotic Post campaign is not to achieve explicit public action. As the editorial said

The administration can speed the entry of Haitians — it needs no congressional approval

( emphasis)

The objective is to embolden Inside-the-Beltway bureaucratic chiefs to send out the message: relax enforcement.

I recommend reading the comments posted on these articles. They are heartening. More are needed whenever the chance arises. The other side has an agenda.

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