There's Still Room At The 2018 AMERICAN RENAISSANCE Conference—Theme: Courage and Perseverance
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Jared Taylor, returned from a speaking tour of Europe, reports below that there's still room at the next American Renaissance Conference in Tennessee:



Go here for the program and how to register, or here to register online directly.


2018 American Renaissance Conference: Courage and Perseverance


This is a time for courage and perseverance. Our movement has seen dramatic progress but also startling setbacks. We must take inspiration from the progress and learn from the setbacks.


The defenders of orthodoxy are lashing out more desperately than ever. Why? Because we are a threat. They try to silence what they cannot refute, but we will not be silenced. Our message is clear and carries farther than ever.


We will not win the struggle for our people quickly or easily, but we will win. Come join leaders and thinkers of our movement as we plot a course for the years ahead. [More]
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