Unnamed General Counsel Refuses to Hire White Attorneys. No Repercussions Expected.
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This posturesome boast has been going on for some time:  the general counsel of some big company (who is usually white himself) will declare that insufficiently colorful law firms won't get the company's business.


Of course, it's illegal not to hire someone for racial reasons.


I don't know enough about employment discrimination law to say whether it's illegal for, say, British Petroleum to refuse to hire a firm because it's all-white.  Perhaps contracting with a firm for a particular matter doesn't count as "employment", or perhaps a complaint about the racial makeup of a place doesn't mean an individual has been discriminated against.


Though I doubt such technicalities are what's driving anything here.  So enmeshed is the quest for "diversity" that the rank illegality is ignored, even in the legal profession.


Seriously.  Imagine BP declaring they won't hire a particular law firm because it's too black.  Someone, somewhere, would come up with a lawsuit.  And it would work.


Above the Law happily chirps that one general counsel summarily dismissed a group of white lawyers who'd come a' callin':

I’m sorry to do this, but you really are wasting our time. This meeting is over.


— an unnamed general counsel describing how a law firm looking for a client relationship was politely kicked out of the company’s office after arriving for a meeting with a team of eight middle-aged white men, despite the fact that the GC had requested a diverse group of lawyers.


The Reason Why This General Counsel Told A Group Of All White Attorneys To GTFO


Diversity in the legal profession matters, and this GC wants to make sure all law firms know that.


By Staci Zaretsky, ATL, April 18, 2018

But big-firm white lawyers are far too cuck to object.  I trust this bunch will be no exception, but I'd like to be surprised.


Like too many whites—at least currently—they have too much to lose by raising a stink.


Wonder why ATL didn't name the counsel or firm?

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