There Is A ‘Black America.’ It’s Called Haiti … And Detroit … And Baltimore … And Washington
August 02, 2017, 06:18 AM
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Amazon is creating a new show called "Black America," which imagines what happens when blacks get their own country, New Colonia,” after they are freed from slavery.

According to Slate,

Amazon has revealed that it’s planning Black America, a series created by Will Packer and Boondocks cartoonist Aaron McGruder in which, as a form of reparations, black Americans have annexed three former slave states and founded a country of their own called New Colonia.

The description, via Deadline:

Titled Black America, the drama hails from top feature producer Will Packer (Ride Along, Think Like A Man franchises, Straight Outta Compton) and Peabody-winning The Boondocks creator and Black Jesus co-creator Aaron McGruder. It envisions an alternate history where newly freed African Americans have secured the Southern states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama post-Reconstruction as reparations for slavery, and with that land, the freedom to shape their own destiny. The sovereign nation they formed, New Colonia, has had a tumultuous and sometimes violent relationship with its looming “Big Neighbor,” both ally and foe, the United States. The past 150 years have been witness to military incursions, assassinations, regime change, coups, etc. Today, after two decades of peace with the U.S. and unprecedented growth, an ascendant New Colonia joins the ranks of major industrialized nations on the world stage as America slides into rapid decline. Inexorably tied together, the fate of two nations, indivisible, hangs in the balance.

Come to think of it, though, we needn’t create such a fictional world. We have an example of blacks taking over a country after manumission, or should we say violent revolution. It’s called Haiti, and it’s been a mess ever since.

Somehow, I doubt Amazon will include any material about what might have happened—think,“bloodbath—had such an “annexation” occurred in this country. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Amazon will include a few bloody mass murders of whites. Anti-white vengeance porn is big these days.

If Haiti doesn’t suffice to demonstrate what New Colonia would look like, we can also take a look at Black Detroit, Black Baltimore, or Black Washington, D.C.