There Are 21 High-Scoring Asian-Americans For Each High-Scoring African-American
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This rather astonishing table augmenting my new Taki’s Magazine column “Asian Supremacy” suggests an explanation for the Black Lives Matter freakout of 2020: If blacks don’t put the squeeze for more cash and sinecures on naive, easily guilt-tripped whites soon, eventually the USA will be run by Asians, who would be far more likely to tell African-Americans to pipe down, your act is all so tiresome.

Every institution in America is currently in a frenzy to let in more high-scoring blacks, but blacks only make up 1.7% of those who scored in the top 7 percentiles on the SAT. For every black high school senior who scores 1400 or higher on the SAT, there are:

  • 4 Hispanics
  • 21 Asians (!)
  • 24 whites

The enormous influx of high-scoring Asians means that basically there is no room at the top anymore for African-Americans except through a massive affirmative action thumb on the scale.

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