Theranos: Maybe Old White Men Don't Actually Hate Young Blondes After All?
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Remember, this is FORTUNE, not VOGUEIt’s almost as if a medical tech company with a young blonde CEO who is a little vague on whether she has yet gone through the formality of inventing the revolutionary new technology she’s been talking about for years and a Board of Directors made up of elderly former national security cabinet members isn’t the wisest investment:

Study of Theranos Medical Tests Finds Irregular Results


Theranos Scandal Widens on Scathing Report

By Steve Tobak Published April 04, 2016 ValleyBeat FOXBusiness

I wrote about Theranos: The Elizabeth Holmes Reality Distortion Field last year. Her board of directors includes: former Secretary of State George Schultz, former Secretary of Defense Bill Perry, former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn, and Henry Kissinger.

As we all know, however, Old White Men hate young women, so Ms. Holmes, as their Natural Enemy, would have had to work Twice As Hard to charm convince these Old White Men that her start-up valued at billions of dollars wasn’t just faking it until (hopefully) making it.

But, maybe, in the Battle of the Sexes, there really could be some fraternizing with the enemy?

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