Then They Came For Dinesh D'Souza
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Then They Came For Dinesh DSouza

D'Souza's real offence?

Reuters reports Dinesh D'Souza indicted for violating U.S. election law By Jonathan Stempel Thu Jan 23, 2014

Dinesh D'Souza, a conservative commentator and best-selling author, has been indicted by a federal grand jury for arranging excessive campaign contributions to a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

According to an indictment made public on Thursday in federal court in Manhattan, D'Souza around August 2012 reimbursed people who he had directed to contribute $20,000 to the candidate's campaign. The candidate was not named in the indictment.

The article insinuates that D’Souza was trying to help his Dartmouth near-contemporary Wendy Long in her run for Senator from New York that year.

Now does not have an especially high opinion of D’Souza’s political integrity or his professional ethics. To a large degree his career flourished because of Conservatism Inc’s wish to showcase people of color in preference to whites.

But it is impossible not to feel sorry for the man who must have been betrayed by a friend. Furthermore the offence while it may be technically valid is absurdly trivial in the context of the activity of Sheldon Adelson, and the rest.

D’Souza if convicted is in extremely serious danger of being torn limb from limb. The highly politicized American Judiciary is first and foremost in the business of promoting the Left’s political agenda and savaging their opponents. D’Souza can expect maximum harsh treatment as a result of his career, especially his much hated film 2016: Obama’s America.

Unfortunately for D’Souza as a result of the ongoing purge from Conservatism Inc’s media outlets of genuine Conservatives/Men of the Right which has so much helped his career, the ignorant Lumpen Left believes he is The Enemy. Greater tolerance towards erstwhile colleagues could have protected him, by distracting the Left lynch mob.

Galatians 6:7

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