The WSJ And The "Deportation Lobby"
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A reader forwarded this, saying "A WSJ Editorial refers to the "Deportation Lobby"—the first lobby with no lobbyists or financiers. The "Deportation Lobby" doesn't even have a pushcart on K Street.

Trump’s Dreamer Dealing

The deportation lobby is a minority in the U.S. and the GOP.

By The Editorial Board

Sept. 14, 2017 7:24 p.m. ET

Anything can happen with Donald Trump, and it usually does, as some of his ardent followers are discovering to their shock as the President negotiates with Democratic leaders on immigration. Mr. Trump has been known to change his mind, and in this case that’s for the good as his bipartisan dealing to legalize young adult immigrants brought here as children is in the best interests of the country and his Presidency.

“Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some...[More, subjscription link ]

There's a multi-billion dollar Cheap Labor Lobby, and of course, the WSJ is part of that.

In an article about Tamar Jacoby's genuine lobbying group,  ImmigrationWorksUSA, I gave some idea of their funding:

ImmigrationWorksUSA is a good example of the how thick the gravy is on the Treason Lobby gravy train. This is a list, posted on their website, of their “Trade Association Partners”—the employers of cheap, illegal, labor that displaces American workers:

Funders Of The Treason Lobby

[Click to enlarge]

I don’t know how much the Chamber of Commerce and the National Restaurant Association paid to be at the top of that list. But the Chamber has annual budget of $200 million dollars, and the National Restaurant Association an annual budget of $50 million.  And Tamar Jacoby’s ImmigrationWorksUSA is only one of the organizations on their payroll. Also funding Tamar:

And both The National Turkey Federation and the National Chicken Council.

The opposition to this is the American People.

This is why Trump was elected, even though the Chamber of Commerce and friends didn't like him. The Deportation Lobby isn't the wealthy, it isn't even people like us at, CIS, FAIR, and so on—it's you.

That's not likely to impress the WSJ, but it should worry Republican politicians.

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