The wind blows in Minnesota...
November 30, 2005, 04:34 AM
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Minnesota`s Governor Tim Pawlenty, one of the more interesting politicians around, is showing some signs of sensitivity to America`s immigration disaster:

Declaring the nation`s immigration system as "bordering on chaotic," Gov. Tim Pawlenty went to Worthington, Minn., Tuesday ...Worthington, Pawlenty said, is a flashpoint for tensions over illegal immigration as an influx of foreign workers, both documented and undocumented, has put the southwestern Minnesota city of 11,300 in the state`s top five for racial diversity.

[ Pawlenty seeks new immigration approach - Minneapolis Star-Tribune -Conrad Defiebre November 29 2005 Access requires free registration.]

Of course, the key questions are: is he in favor of restriction or facilitation? What about birthright ctizenship?

He did say:

"It`s not appropriate to say that it doesn`t matter whether it`s legal or illegal as long as it`s cheap,"

There it is. Will Gov. Pawlenty go with the interests of his fellow citizens? Or powerful employer lobbies?

Is he a White House hack?

That is the question.