The Whitest Oscars, Even Counting People From Spain As “Non-White”
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javier_bardem__140410174457[1] 330px-Penélope_Cruz_-_Cannes_2011[1]
Javier Bardem Penelope Cruz

 The Huffington Post thinks the above should count as non-white because they have Spanish names—they’re from SPAIN, not Mexico

It's an unhappy day for the racial bean counters. According to The Huffington Post and Think Progress, the Oscars this year will be way too white.

Problem is, they can't agree on whether this year's awards will be whitest since 1998 (Huffington Post), or the whitest since 1995 (Think Progress,).

No one really cares about this, but anyway, HP fiddled with its definition of white, according to the note at the end of its story:

Note: We went with the very broadest interpretation and included actors like Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz as "non-white," due to their Hispanic ancestry, despite the fact that many Hispanics may identify racially as white.

This Will Be The Whitest Oscars Since 1998, By Lauren Duca, January 15, 2015

That's funny, when it comes to committing crime (but not, weirdly, being a victim), Hispanics are counted as white.

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