Robert McCain's Cracka Ass Twitter Search
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Robert Stacy McCain (The Other McCain) likes to go searching Twitter for interesting stuff:

Follow Derbyshire rules about Beach Week, girls!

Sure, calling blacks articulate is racist, but calling them out on inarticulacy is racist, too.

Homophobia is as common in the black community as hatred of whites.

This is what Trayvon Martin told his friend Rachel Jeantel shortly before his murderous (and possibly homophobic) attack on George Zimmerman.

Actually, no. It's a billboard opposed to white genocide.

DylanE's white professor mispronounced his name. And finally there's this:

I think that may be a white person parodying the Vinita Hegwood who resigned from a high school teaching job over a tweet—the @IBeVinitaMFers twitter account says "I be a cracka hatin teacha yo. I be teachin english n sh*t. Dis is a pairodee thang too".

Here's the news story about Hegwood

Update: Duncanville ISD high school teacher resigns over ‘impulsive’ tweet before school board can fire her

By Robert Wilonsky,

XNovember 13, 2014

Here's the real Tweet from Vinita Hegwood—not a Duck Dynasty fan, on which the Dallas News has erased some words. (Which I was unable to do from the embedded tweets above, sorry, but this is what's out there.)


But given what McCain dredged up from real blacks with a simple Twitter search, I don't see the point of having a parody account.

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