The Wall Street Journal Vs. The Elite
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The Wall Street Journal editorializes

"When in 1983 Ronald Reagan characterized the Soviet Union as an "evil empire," the reaction from his betters was swift. Writing in the New York Times, Anthony Lewis called it "primitive"—and wondered (naturally) what the Europeans would think. A headline in Time referred derisively to "The Right Rev. Ronald Reagan." All agreed on one thing: this kind of black-and-white moralizing had no place in American politics.

Now cut to today, where moralizing about the ugly motives of the American people has become common. Whether it's a federal judge declaring there exists no rational opposition to same-sex marriage, a mayor railing against those who would like a mosque moved a few blocks from Ground Zero, a Speaker of the House effectively likening the majority of her countrymen who did not want her health-care bill to Nazis, or a State Department official who brings up the Arizona law on immigration in a human-rights discussion with a Chinese delegation, the chorus is the same: You can't trust ordinary Americans. "
[Are Americans Bigots? |Attacking the motives of those who disagree with elite opinion has become all too common, WSJ, August 10, 2010]

This is all very true, and would sound better coming from a newspaper that hadn't spent years attacking the vast majority of normal Americans who don't want mass immigration as "nativists." This includes personal attacks on Dr. John Tanton, Peter Brimelow, Heather Mac Donald, Michelle Malkin and even me. Much of this comes from James Taranto, who recently wrote a Best of The Web titled Logic 102 What kind of jerk would resort to ad hominem attacks? August 10, 2010.

Of course, there are two kinds of elites. One, represented by judges, law professors, and Mr. Obama, the Journal can claim to be opposing. The other, represented by Bill Gates, the Business Round Table, and employers generally, is the the group that profiteers from immigration. The Journal supports them absolutely.

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