The Trustafarian Exception
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From the San Francisco Chronicle:

California's white population has declined since 2000 at an unprecedented rate, hastening the day when Hispanics will be the state's largest population group, according to newly released state figures.

There were half a million fewer whites in California in 2008 than in 2000, a period when the state's overall population grew by 4 million to 38.1 million, according to a study released Thursday by the state Department of Finance.

By 2008, whites made up 40 percent of Californians, down from 47 percent at the turn of the century. In 2000, Hispanics comprised 32 percent of the population; that number grew to 37 percent in 2008.

...Most Bay Area counties reflected the state's shifting numbers - Alameda County, for example, dropped from 41 percent white to 36 percent - while showing spikes in Hispanic, Asian and multirace categories.

Yet, San Francisco's racial mix remained consistent. Forty-four percent of the city was white in 2008, 30 percent was Asian and 14 percent was Hispanic, just as it was in 2000. Only the city's African American population showed a slight decline, from 7 percent to 6 percent.

This has become a common pattern: in elite cities like San Francisco, Manhattan, or Northwest D.C., the white share of the population is stable or growing, while the American-born black population is declining due to imprisonment, demolition of housing projects and replacement with Section 8 vouchers that go farther in dumpy towns, higher rents, and job competition from immigrants. What's not to like if you are a trust funder? For example, the white share of the D.C. population grew from 23% to 28% over seven years. Manhattan has enjoyed a white baby boom in recent years. Due to Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, which had been down and out for decades, is returning to being a very nice place for rich white people to congregate. (Notice that Brad Pitt intends to settle there permanently if he can only get Angelina Jolie to calm down.)

"So," the top white people ask each other, "What are all those losers out in Nowheresville whining about? Obviously, they are just racists."

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