Alexandrina Burge, Poster Child for Immigration Reform
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The El Paso City Council has voted to punish Arizona for enacting SB 1070, by forbidding all city workers from traveling to Arizona, in their official capacities.

Reports Gustavo Reveles Acosta of the El Paso Times (does the El Paso Times have any staff writers who are patriotic non-Hispanics?):

One immigration supporter, Alexandrina Burge, said that even though she is now a U.S. citizen, she arrived in this country illegally.

“I can't believe anyone would say that I love this country less than anyone else. I am very proud to be an American,” Burge said in Spanish. “Those who support this law in Arizona are turning equality into racism, and we can't let them do that to this great country.”

She criminally invaded my country.

She refuses to learn its language.

She supports other criminal invaders.

She insists that she loves America as much as I do, and that supporting America’s borders and laws is “racist.”

Ms. Burge, if you loved America, you would never have burdened it with your illegal presence, you would never have supported other criminal invaders, and you would have learned English, so that you could read American writers and watch American movies in the original English, and tell American tourists in your real nation how much you admire theirs. But of course, you can't even read this!

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