The Senate Judiciary Committee Is Livestreaming Their Markup Debate
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The Senate Judiciary Committee is livestreaming their debate. Schumer is going on about the Statue of Liberty.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform - Markup Continues

The Senate Judiciary Committee is continuing its consideration of  S. 744, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act today, Tuesday, May 21. The bipartisan legislation was introduced on April 17, and the Committee began consideration of the legislation on May 9. The original text of S. 744 can be found here. The Sponsors' Amendment is an update to the original text of S. 744 and is considered a substitute amendment. All amendments are referenced to this Sponsors' Amendment.

A full list of amendments are available online; amendments considered by the Committee are listed below. Amendments considered on previous days can be found here.

You can go to the Senate website for the pop-up Javascript player. A direct link to the video is here.

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