The Senate: In an Income Time Warp?
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A large number of Americans appear to have realized that income inequality has increased and that massive immigration is substantially responsible. And they are increasingly willing to say so.

A frequently-expressed view of Peter Brimelow’s is that the current generation of political “leaders” was formed intellectually before immigration was discernable as a social problem. Quite possibly they will literally have to die off before public policy will change – people rarely have new ideas.

The two concepts are ingeniously melded in a posting at the Old Atlantic Lighthouse blog: Kennedy McCain rode income inequality wave. This explicates the view that the old men in the Senate seeking to further flood the country with low quality labor – and hence engineer a massive wealth transfer from the working to the upper classes – themselves started out in life benefiting from the lowest income inequality situation in recent American history:

Specter who sponsored S. 2611 was part of the group that could get married early, have kids, and still have a career. Now he is against the young people of today being able to do this….Specter, McCain and Kennedy were born in the 1930’s and became young adults in the 1950’s while income inequality was falling. They could build careers and have families while still young. Two Senators, Hagel and Martinez were born in 1946. They became 21 in 1967. They had families and full careers as they timed the income inequality graph perfectly, low income inequality when they were young and rising while they got on top. Both became rich on this curve. Lindsey Graham and Sam Brownback were born in the mid 1950’s. Graham had to start out as the curve was getting worse. He had to choose a career or family and chose career. He has never had children. Brownback solved this problem by marrying an heiress and has 5 children and a career… The Senators for S. 2611 with amnesty and more legal immigration rode the same inequality curve. When they started out, inequality was at a bottom and they could get good paying summer jobs, go to college, and have kids right after college. They think their life is normal …. they have been on top while income inequality went up, but in their minds, they worked their way up... So they feel morally superior and entitled to vote for immigration…

This article and the accompanying links comprise a great resource and took a lot of work. Congratulations to Old Atlantic Lighthouse, which, as we have previously noted, has done valuable work before.

Personally, though, I still think the more persuasive explanation is that these Senators are selfish, corrupt, and unAmerican.

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