The Same Mexican Foreign Ministry That Helps Illegal Alien Mexicans To Stay In The United States Is Helping Them Leave Egypt
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Through the years, in various VDARE.COM articles, I've criticized Mexico's foreign ministry, the SRE (Secretar?­a de Relaciones Exteriores) for its meddling in U.S. immigration policy, which is outside the bounds of proper diplomatic activity. This meddling should be opposed, but our own government lets it go on openly.

This week, however, my column on the website is a positive article about the SRE. Why? Well, this is an article about the Mexican foreign ministry's good work in getting Mexicans out of Egypt. Several hundred Mexicans were in that nation when the current tumult began. You can read it here:A Mexican Tourist's Nightmare in Volatile Egypt.

In Egypt, the SRE isn't meddling in domestic politics, it is helping evacuate Mexicans from the country, a legitimate diplomatic activity. That's the difference.

And it's an interesting contrast. The SRE helps Mexicans who feel endangered to evacuate Egypt. The same SRE helps illegal alien Mexicans to stay in the United States. Sounds like Mexicans don't have it so bad here, doesn't it?

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