A Peek at Deval Patrick's "Uplifting Life Story"—Confirms He Failled The Bar Exam Twice
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The Boston Globe released some snippets of Deval Patrick's memoir today [In Book, Patrick Says Resigning Was An Option, By Michael Levenson, The Boston Globe, February 9, 2011]. So far, the most interesting rumor now confirmed about our post-racial governor is that he failed the bar exam, twice. This rumor was out there for a while, but no one dared to ask Patrick about it because, well, you know. Overall, the Globe story makes it clear that, despite the fact that Deval Patrick was advanced $1.35 million for his "uplifting life story", he still stretches to see himself as someone doomed to endure the slings and arrows of racial injury.  Consider this excerpt from the Globe piece:
"Patrick says he has noticed that, as a black man, if he wears jeans,  a casual shirt, and a cap, "people will often look right past you.''
Funny, as I write this blog post in a Boston Starbucks wearing jeans, a flannel shirt, and a Boston College Cap. Guess what? Everyone seems to be looking right past me.

I will do a full review of Deval Patrick's A Reason to Believe for VDARE.com once it's released this spring.

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