Rich Lowry's Jeb Bush Bootlicking Gets AWD Award!
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I see Angry White Dude was sufficiently outraged by National Review's ridiculous Jeb Bush touting to announce LIBTARD OF THE WEEK - RICH LOWRY OF NATIONAL REVIEW! Expressed with AWD's characteristic ferocity, the commentary accurately asserts

Jeb Bush is a squish on illegal immigration and, like his brother, has insulted Americans who want our borders closed and our immigration laws enforced! He and W have consistently insulted us "nativists"  who are just plain ol' meanies about the poor, poor "undocumented immigrants" who are only pining for a better life and doing work we fat, lazy Americans won't do...Jeb and W don't deal with illegal aliens. They are the privileged elite who live in neighborhoods where you and I cannot drive. Maybe Rich has the code to get through the gate.

AWD concludes

Conservatives are not in love with the Bush family like Dims are with the Kennedys. In fact, we don't really like the Bush family at all. W and his buddy Karl Rove, the architect of Republican disaster, destroyed the Republican party and paved the road for the wild socialist ride we're on with Hussein Hopenchange. I never want to hear from another Bush family member as long as I live! They've done enough damage!

This is certainly's view.

(I see one of the comments mistakenly says that if William F. Buckley were alive this would not have happened. Of course this is quite wrong, but understandable if one was not active during the period in question. Part of the purpose is to lengthen the communal memory. Otherwise too much history will get repeated.)

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