The Reptilian Brain Stem: "Protesters" Scream Obscenities At Ann Coulter At Berkeley
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You probably saw video clips of Ann Coulter arriving at Berkeley College to give a talk. In case you didn't, here are the sound effects. Warning: They contain shouted obscenities. [MP3]

That gives you the idea. For the full force of the barbarism on display here, watch the video.

Not the clips from local TV that you see on YouTube; those are edited to make the protestors look tame. View the clips recorded by people present, that mainly ended up on Twitter.

Brandon Darby posted this one:

They're scary. Yeats' lines came to my mind:

The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Yep, those protestors are full of passionate intensity all right. It's not a high form of passionate intensity, either; it's a low, base, animal form. Did you hear what they were screaming there? The F-word, they can't utter a sentence without using the F-word.

That word comes out of the reptilian brain stem. A neurologist will tell you that people with severe brain injuries, who have lost the power of coherent speech, can still cuss, and do so loud and endlessly.

My boss Peter Brimelow here at sometimes says, "It will come to blood." I've always resisted that line of thinking. Surely we're not that far gone; surely we can sort things out somehow, citizen to citizen, with goodwill, however grudging. Can't we?

Watching those capering figures, their faces all twisted with righteous rage, and hearing their obscene shrieking voices, I'm starting to see Peter's point


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