The Red State Living Wage: Why Are GOP States More Affordable Than Blue States?
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Earlier, by Steve Sailer (2005) : "Affordable Family Formation"—The Neglected Key To GOP's Future

The Red State Living wage is a lot lower than the blue state rate.

From The Council for Community and Economic Research:

The higher the cost of living in a state, the harder it is for people of similar means with those in other states to make ends meet. The Council for Community and Economic Research measures cost of living based on a composite of price information from participating cities and metropolitan areas in each state. The most recent analysis is from 2018.

The following table ranks states, colored in accordance with their 2016 US presidential vote, in ascending order by their cost of living indices:

COL index
1) Mississippi
2) Oklahoma
3) Arkansas
4) Missouri
5) Michigan
6) Alabama
7) Tennessee
8) Kansas
9) Indiana
10) Wyoming
11) Georgia
12) Texas
13) Iowa
14) Kentucky
15) New Mexico
16) Ohio
17) Louisiana
18) Idaho
19) North Carolina
20) West Virginia
21) Nebraska
22) Wisconsin
23) Illinois
24) Utah
25) South Carolina
26) Arizona
27) North Dakota
28) Florida
29) South Dakota
30) Pennsylvania
31) Minnesota
32) Virginia
33) Montana
34) Colorado
35) Delaware
36) New Hampshire
37) Washington
38) Nevada
39) Maine
40) Vermont
41) New Jersey
42) Rhode Island
43) Massachusetts
44) Alaska
45) Oregon
46) Maryland
47) Connecticut
48) New York
49) California
50) Hawaii

Fun presidential debate question no corporate media puppet will be permitted to ask: Why are Republican states so much more affordable than blue states are, especially for the poor?

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