The Reckless (Hispanic) "Texas Teen" And The Truckful Of Illegals
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Well, it sounds murderously reckless, too. It's possible the "Texas teen" (a Hispanic girl named Selena Amanda Huitron) might have survived a crash at that speed. She was driving a Ford F-150, and it has airbags and seat belts—for the driver. But a serious crash would cause horrible fatalities for the people in the back.   NB: it should say in her "truck", not her "trunk", but 14 people in the back of an  F-150 is still pretty crowded, and according to the Washington Times, the Bexar County Sheriff's office says she rammed three BCSO patrol cars that had blocked in her vehicle.

Her passengers, who could have been killed, included a five-year old girl from Guatemala. Although this young woman is Hispanic, the Washington Times insists on calling her a "Texas teen", and KSAT puts it this way:

BCSO: U.S. teen led authorities on 119-mile pursuit

Selena Huitron, 17, of Austin, faces state, federal charges

September 05, 2014

So Mexican-Americans are continuing to conform to the stereotype of reckless driving and equally reckless indifference to human life. At the same time, Media-Americans are conforming to the stereotype of reckless indifference to the basic facts of life, if they involve race or ethnicity.

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