“The President's Immigration Policy Can't Be Discussed In The President's Own City”—Hilton Cancels VDARE.com Conference
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I’m sorry to announce that the VDARE.com Immigration Conference Series scheduled for November 24, 2018 and Feb 2, 2019, at the New York Hilton Midtown, has been canceled.

My husband, VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow, discussed this in the talk he gave at the recent HL Menken Club conference:

“The hotel has cancelled us, without explanation. Now, this is the sixth conference that we've had canceled in eighteen months. I have to say that is not institutionally damaging to us. These hotels are bound by contract, and they have to hold us harmless if they break that contract. So it's not institutionally damaging to us.

But it does mean that the President's policy on immigration can't be discussed in the President's own city.

“And that's a really amazing development--which you're not going to hear about in the Main Stream Media or even in Conservatism Inc. media.”

This series was going to be particularly timely, focusing on Birthright Citizenship and Chain Migration, two things the President was reconsidering (at least, seemed to be, before the midterm elections).

I want to thank everyone who registered. All refunds should be fully cleared by now.

We will not be driven out of the Public Square. We will not. Stay tuned, America.

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